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Slovenian Music Olympiad

Organisation of the Slovenian Music Olympiad:

Glasbena mladina Slovenije (Jeunesses Musicales Slovenia) and Academy of Music (University of Ljubljana).
The competition is supported by the Society of Slovene Composers and the Society of Slovene Voice Teachers.

The aims of the Slovenian Music Olympiad:

– to extend the musical activities of primary- and secondary-school students and develop their musical knowledge;
– to identify musically gifted and creative students;
– to create motivation and offer musically gifted young people opportunities for artistic self-expression at national level;
– to motivate musically gifted students and give them opportunities for presenting their musical achievements on the national level;
– to develop musical literacy as a prerequisite for creative activities;
– to widen opportunities for composing music and the public presentation of original musical pieces of the students;
– to expand the opportunities for meeting musically gifted students from different schoos and areas.

The contestants

Students of primary and secondary schools. They can study at the same time in music school or take private music lessons.
• Group I – aged 12-14
• Group II – aged 15-18

The content of the Slovenian Music Olympiad

The Olympiad consists of three parts:

Part I
1. Listening to music and theoretical questions related to the piece
2. A-vista (sight reading) singing a simple melody; clapping a rhythmical exercise

Part II – Performing a song.
The participant perform one song (by individual choice) at a public concert. The song must be performed from memory, either unaccompanied or with accompaniment by acoustic instruments in suitable key for the contestant.

Part III – Original composition.
The participant performs the original piece of max. 3 minutes, prepared beforehand.
The original composition can be composed for voice, or for acoustic or electro-acoustic instrument(s), or for audiovisual and multimedia performance.
The original composition can be a song for solo voice or vocal ensemble (unaccompanied or with accompaniment), a piece for an instrument or instruments, or a composition using electro-acoustic, audiovisual or multimedia performance.
Other singers and instrumentalists can be used for the performance.
The composed music must be an original production of the participant (pre-existing lyrics may be used).
The original piece of music is performed live at a public concert or, in case of compositions for multimedia, from a pre-recorded source.

Parts II and III for the (performing a song and original piece) are publicly presented (concerts). The performances are recorded for study purposes and photographs are taken.

Jury and Awards

All the tasks are evaluated by jury members – professionals on different musicals areas.
All participants are awarded with diplomas in gold, silver or bronze according to the number of points scored.